MTJ website
Production: 2018
Client: MTJ
MTJ is a Polish independent record company based in Warsaw, founded in 1990.

The company was registered in 1990. At first, MTJ operated as a wholesaler of audio cassettes and CDs. In 1995 released the first album in its history: Jedzie pociąg z daleka by Ryszard Rynkowski.

Artistic Agency MTJ has released over 1500 audio and video items and sold over 9 million media with recordings of Polish artists.
The customer's main request was to develop the website in such a way to facilitate the purchase for customers. The previous version of the site was a bit chaotic and complicated, which discouraged clients.

Also, the promotional aspect was important. The site was supposed to suggest to customers what to buy.

The website is a store for various music. We based the project on a minimalist design, black and white colors, which is the background for colorful covers and photos of performers.

Created by
Executive Creative Director – Marcin Rossa
Design – Paulina Miracka
Coding – Filip Modrzejewski