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A plebiscite for the best books 2017
Production: 2018
Lubimyczytać.pl is the largest opinion-forming book website in Poland. The portal brings together lovers of the written word from all over Poland.
Every year, they arrange a plebiscite of the best book in a given category, decorating it with the original graphic design.
Our task was to develop a series of graphics for each category that would present black and white photos of people on a golden background. We had freedom in choosing the esthetic for the rest.
The concept of the plebiscite was based on black and white photos additionally aged with noise to give them a little retro flavor. However, it is not they who decide about the climate of this spot.

Apart from animating, we've added a bit of humor from Monthy Python, which gave an intellectual appearance.
Created by
Agency – NieDoOgarnięcia
Director & Production – Hubert Kamiński
Graphic design& drawings – Paulina Miracka, Piotr Cebo
Sound system – Jan Obrębowski
Motion design (animation AFX) – Piotr Sawicki
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