Fonobo website
Production: 2019
Client: Fonobo
Fonobo is an independent music label that focuses primarily on young, original artists. This is a sublabel of the MTJ company, one of the longest-running phonographic and distribution films in Poland, with a huge catalog which includes, among others albums of such artists as Czesław Niemen, Brygada Kryzys, Lech Janerka, Lingerie, Maanam, Siekiera, and Daab. In addition to publishing activities, Fonobo also offers management and booking.
Our task was to create a website that would attract the attention of users and facilitate the selection of music.

Production: MUFU
Design and animation: Paulina Miracka
Programming: Filip Modrzejewski
(PL) Sprawdź pozostałe projekty
(PL) zobacz folio