(PL) Film wizerunkowy dla DTW
(PL) Realizacja: 2019
Klient: DTW
DTW Logistics is a company operating in the transport forwarding and logistics services market. They operate on the European market, serving many industries. The foundation of their activity is professionalism and experience.
We present the activity of DTW based on the selection of interesting places in the company, interesting processes and people involved in their work.


(PL) Creditsy
(PL) Produkcja: MUFU
Producent: Marcin Rossa
Koncept / Scenariusz: Kamil Śliwka
Producent Wykonawczy: Kamil Śliwka
Copy: Marcin Rossa
Fotosy: Dominika Sulich
Operatorzy Kamery: Piotr Bukojemski, Szymon Fabrowicz
Dron magazyn: Kamil Śliwka
Dron plenery: Tomasz Nizielski
Asystent Kamery: Jakub Bach
Montaż: Kamil Śliwka
VFX/Compositing: Karol Michalik