(PL) #changingtogether animacja na COP24
(PL) Realizacja: 2018
Klient: MSZ

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Polish government administration office supporting the ministry responsible for shaping and acting in the field of the foreign policy of the Republic of Poland, applied to two departments of government administration: membership in the Republic of Poland in the European Union and international affairs.
COP24 is the informal name of the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Organization on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
At the request of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have prepared an animated spot promoting the Polish presidency of the UN Climate Summit.

The spot is based on a metaphorical story of a continuous, effective transformation towards sustainable development resulting from the joint action of many different elements.
The advertisement was made in 3D animation. The story's canvas is Machina Goldberg, which is a synchronous action of many different elements, as well as a symbol of transformation. Machina was designed, modeled and developed in 3D especially for the needs of this production.
Created by
Executive Creative Director – Marcin Rossa
Director – Hubert Kamiński
Concept of Goldberg machine – Krzysztof Cięgowski, dr inż. Andrzej Dunalewicz, Hubert Kamiński
2D graphic design – Marcin Rossa
3D design and animation – Krzysztof Cięgowski
Sound design and mastering audio – Folia Soundstudio
VO – Konstancja Danzel
Support (formal issues) – Adam Zych