AC Czepczyński CSR branding
Production: 2017
Client: Artur Czepczyński
Projects: Logo, Identyfikacja, Website WWW, Film
Our client - Artur Czepczyński - is the owner and president of the freight forwarding company ABC CZEPCZYŃSKI, providing forwarding services in road transport. Member of the board of The Family Business Network Poland and the Family Business Council at the Polish Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs Lewiatan. Artur Czepczyński is very involved in charity.
Our role was to create a logo that would be elegant, suggesting prestige and stability, resulting from our client's 20-year career.

The signet consists of two letters A and C, which are the initials of Artur Czepczyński. A and C come out of the diagonal line which separates the two initials. The symbol of the diagonal line indicates the increase, upward direction, towards the future. The line is also a symbol of continuity and trust. The serif font used in the signet symbolizes elegance, pressure, and stability resulting from Artur Czepczyński's 20 years of activity.

The logo consists initials, surname and words which create a motto of Artur Czepczyński. Everything is kept in an elegant style. Motto considers three words: the Family, which is the most important and from which follows the Passion and then the Business.
The logo has been designed based on golden proportions.

Created by
Logo Design – Marcin Rossa
Graphic Design – Marcin Rossa