Rebranding of the company
(PL) Realizacja: 2018
Klient: ABC-Czepczyński
ABC Czepczyński is a company managed by logistics specialists who know everything about forwarding transport. This knowledge was used to create a professionally managed forwarding company that carries out all kinds of transport orders for its clients while maintaining competitive conditions.
Our task was to design a new identification of a logistics company dealing in transport forwarding. The company on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its activity decided to refresh its image.
The proposed brand image shows movement and modernity. This look matches a new era.
The inspiration to create the sign were roads and red light. The form and color of the sign underline the company's dynamics.
Created by
executive creative director – Marcin Rossa
logo design – Marcin Rossa
identification – Marcin Rossa, Paulina Miracka
coding: Filip Modrzejewski
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