Key Visual    
15th anniversary of Poland in the EU
Production: 2019
Client: NCK
Projects: Logo, Key Visual Obchodów, Animation
National Center for Culture - a state cultural institution whose statutory task is to take action for the development of culture in Poland.
As part of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union, the National Center of Culture came to us with the task to design a visual binding for the entire event based on the sign.

The sign is a symbiosis of the most characteristic and relevant symbols for the event - the number 15 and the preposition in (w), which reinforces the message 15 years in European Union.
The use of English in the design of the mark is consistent with the nature of the event - it is a universal language, closely related to the European Union. It allows using the logo at an international level. English is also one of the symbols of the unification of 28 countries with similar goals and beliefs.
What is more, even people who only know the language at a basic level will also be able to understand this slogan. A preposition of the English "in" is possible to understand for most of the people.