A series of animations for promotion
Production: 2018
Client: Funwisher
(PL) kient
Funwisher is a platform dealing with personalized video with wishes from celebrities.
The client came to us with a request to prepare a series of short videos promoting their company.
The design meant to look fresh and modern while maintaining consistency with their brand. The goal was to receive a look stylistically attractive to a group of recipients in the 13-30 age range.

The recipients are usually youth between 13-25 years old, we decided to focus on modern graphics in line with current trends.
The whole is kept in one color key by applying a transparent background to the video. The composition is built on strong typography.

Created by
Production – Kamil Śliwka
Copy – Hubert Kamiński
Graphic Design – Matylda Iwańska
Assembly & Post-production – Kamil Śliwka
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