Look for the blue beyond the horizon
We associate blue with the azure shore and blue sky. And thus, with peace, security, stability.

It is also the safest color to use in advertising. It has neutral, universal properties. And this means that it can be used in messages for both women and men and be present in many topics. Especially in those when we strive for customer trust.

Therefore, this color will work best in campaigns on new technologies, social networking, and information sites.

However, this color should not be used in food advertising because it suppresses appetite.

It is also worth reaching for this color to promote products and services related to air, water, and purity.

Blue can lead us to take action. However, this cannot be an accidental proposition. In those actions where the company proposes saving blue will be a good choice. At this point, we will use the color feature that tells us about stabilization.

Blue belongs to the colors that have a positive effect on us.
(PL) Czyste powietrze, przezroczysta woda, rozpościerający się horyzont, chwila relaksu - czyli sięgajmy po niebieski w reklamie podróży!