Colors of Eufonie
MUFU studio has turned into a real art studio with a new project for the National Center of Culture. The colors fulfilled Kredytowa 5. And all this on the occasion of the unique festival Eufonie.
"The spot reflects the artistic and musical idea of the festival. Just like the festival is a meeting of cultures, mixing genres, mixing musicians and artists from different countries - the colors mix in the spot." - Aleksandra Jagiełło, program organizer of the Eufonie Festival
The event focuses on the music of Central and Eastern Europe. It is for the second time in Warsaw when not well-known music will be heard - it is a chance to open to what is new. All connoisseurs and recipients who want to broaden their horizons are invited to participate. It will be a great meeting of cultures, musical genres, diversity.
'In this spot, the colors are all together, but they stay separate. It is probably a very good metaphor (...). Those colors are intensive - we will see them in the spot and on the posters.
We remain in the position that there are genre differences, there are geographical differences, there are different cultures - we respect it, we are happy with them and we try to create a meeting space. That is all that in art and in music probably is most interesting, we want to connect, not divide. ' - Marek Horodniczy, program organizer of the Eufonie Festival
'We wanted to approach this spot in an artistic way, show how colors overflow the instruments. I assume that music affects different senses.
Not only on hearing but also on sight and in some way also on touch. We can say that this music can also be felt. Colors cover and 'touch' the instruments' - Marcin Rossa, artistic director of the project, MUFU studio
The preparation of the set for the spot took many days. We had to do many test shots and find out how the pigment poured into the water behaves. We choose a special aquarium with appropriate glass transparency and test the way the paint will be poured. We used syringes with the right needle diameter to get the effect we wanted.
Every detail had to be carefully thought out. The order and extension of adding paint, choosing the color. The efficient water exchange proved to be a challenge, we had to pump the water from the aquarium quickly to start the next shot.
For the production, we ordered miniature instruments - cello, saxophone and clarinet, made with the utmost precision of metal and wood. We painted them in white color which gave an amazing effect. This is what the festival organizers invite us, to open to new experiences. We have before us a great festival of music and not only, other arts, such as new media, theater will also be present.

by: Dominika Sulich
This project was a fantastic new challenge for us. Our team has once again proved their talents. Every detail has been refined with great precision. And the effects of this work can already be seen in our projects tab and on YouTube.
II International Festival Eufonie


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